Choo Choo Chorus Leadership


Director: Jimmy Tompkins (contact)

Associate Director: Chuck Wilson (contact)

President: Steve Grubb (contact)

Business Manager: Jack Cook (contact)

Secretary: Fred Jesse (contact)

Treasurer: Wendell Whitmire (contact)

VP of Marketing/PR: Rich Wilson (contact)

VP of Membership/Development: Wilbur Strickland (contact)

VP of Music/Performance: Jim Frank (contact)

Program VP: Gene Huelman (contact)

Board Member at Large: Benny Malone

Board Member at Large: Dan Bullock

Board Member at Large: Barry Arp

Newsletter Editor: Steve Wixson (contact)

Historian: Fred Jesse (contact)

Librarian: Gene Huelman (contact)

Webmaster: Wally Edmondson (contact)

Uniform Chairman: Jack Cook (contact)